Courts Info

WHEN: *3rd Tuesday of every month 2:00pm 
WHERE: Gypsum Town Hall/ 50 Lundgren Boulevard, Gypsum, CO

*Please note that the schedule is modified from time to time. Check your citation for your exact court date and time.

Judge Terrence Quinn presiding.

Defendants have the opportunity to speak  to the Town Attorney prior to their hearing to reach a plea. 

Traffic citations, parking violations and animal violations are heard in Gypsum Municipal Court. All other violations are scheduled for Eagle County Court. Check your ticket for this information.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic we will not be holding court sessions until June.  If you received a citation  you will be contacted by the Town Attorney by mail first. If you decline the plea and wish to appear you will need to wear a mask. Only the defendant should will be allowed in- no family members or children (with the exception of a legal guardian for a minor defendant). The defendant  should use hand sanitizer before coming inside as well. If you have any questions please contact the Court Clerk at 970.524.1738.