Code Enforcement

Violations concerning general nuisances and activities that are not allowed in the Town of Gypsum according to the Gypsum Municipal Code are handled by the town Code Enforcement staff.

Code Violations can include but are not limited to:

  • Building nuisance
  • Parking Complaints
  • Zoning Violations
  • Trash/Junk/Eye-Sore Complaints
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Noise Complaints
  • Drainage problems

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Responding to a Code Violation Notice
If you receive a notice of violation from the Town of Gypsum Code Enforcement, please correct the violation(s) by the date specified on the notice.  If you do not understand what is being requested or if you need more information, or if you believe the notice was issued in error please contact Code Enforcement, whose name, email address and/or phone number appears on the notice. For questions and/or assistance contact town Code Enforcement.  

Street, Park, Sidewalk, etc. in disrepair?
Town of Gypsum Public Works is dedicated to keeping our streets and parks in good shape. Public Works can assist with problems including but not limited to;

  • Potholes
  • Missing or damaged signs
  • Streets in need of sweeping
  • Snow removal problems
  • Broken park equipment
  • Irrigation problems on town property
  • Graffiti 

To report a problem, please contact the Public Works Department.