Boards, Commissions & Committees

Boards and Commissions at the Town of Gypsum serve in an advisory capacity to the Town Council.

A board or commission has been established for the primary policy topics critical to the operation of Gypsum Town Government.

Members are appointed by Town Council based on their personal and professional backgrounds relevant to the committee.

The Boards and Commissions structure provides an excellent opportunity for community participation in policy-making at the Town of Gypsum.

Planning Commission 
The Gypsum Planning Commission exists to support responsible growth and management of the Town of Gypsum.

Economic Committee 
The Gypsum Economic Development Committee (GEDC) was created to promote economic development in the Town of Gypsum, Colorado.

Master Plan Design Review Board 
DRB members tasked with securing responsible growth; by reviewing developer design plans present a coordinated design, organizational unity, and overall visual identity for the area while maintaining opportunities for individual needs and creativity for each project.