Regulations & Fines

At a Glance
Please note, not all Town of Gypsum code violations are listed below.

Title 6     
Animals - Male pets should be neutered or resident may encumber an automatic $150 fine, should your animal be picked up by Animal Control.  

Title 8 

  • Junk Violations - Up to $2,650 fine. 
  • Nuisances - Up to $2,650 fine. 
  • Weed Control - $150 fine plus the costs of abatement

*The Town of Gypsum offers an annual Clean Up Day each May to assist in proper disposal.

Title 10

  • Parking Issues - Warning issued and fine up to $2,650 and/or a Town Sheriff issued violation.                
  • Valid Vehicle Registration - Fine up to $2,650.

Title 12
Snow Removal - Warning for the first offense, fines of $50 for continued violation.

Title 13
Water Use - Drought Conditions (Check Water Restrictions link for most up to date water/drought information)