LEDE Reservoir

Town Engineering

LEDE Reservoir work nears completion

In November 2013, the town of Gypsum launched a rehabilitation and enlargement project for the historic LEDE Reservoir. The popular site has been closed to public use since that time.

According to Town of Gypsum Engineer Jim Hancock, the LEDE site is actually a prehistoric glacial lake. Back in the 1930s, the four ranchers memorialized in the LEDE name took advantage of the site to construct their reservoir. Expanded in the 1940s, the site, located on U.S. Forest Service land, became a popular camping locale. In 2005, with estimates projecting large growth in the community, the town of Gypsum purchased the LEDE Reservoir as a water storage facility for the community. But for long-term use, Gypsum knew it needed to reinforce the dam.

At its completion in 2016, the town will have a safer and larger reservoir — with more than twice the current storage capacity. (VailDaily 11/2/15)

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