Off-Highway Vehicles in Gypsum

Town of Gypsum allows limited travel of Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) on Town streets and roads for purposes of getting to/from nearby recreational trails and amenities. The following information is to help the public better understand the rules and expectations around this privilege in Gypsum.


- OHVs are ONLY allowed on streets and roads within the Town of Gypsum for the purpose of traveling to or from your residence, or place of storage, DIRECTLY to or from any of the following recreational trails and amenities:

  • HARDSCRABBLE TRAILS via trailhead access in Buckhorn Valley and Spring Creek Road.
  • GYPSUM HILLS REC AREA via BLM access from Trail Gulch Road.
  • RED HILL via BLM access off of Cottonwood Pass Road, Legend Drive, and Highlands Road.
  • DRY LAKE MOTOCROSS PARK via Trail Gulch Road.

- OHVs are NOT ALLOWED to be used to run errands of any kind in the Town of Gypsum.

- OHVs are NOT ALLOWED on Highway 6, east of Jules Drive to the Town’s eastern boundary or on any street or road which is part of the State highway system.

OHV’s on the road must …

  • Be currently registered with the State Division of Parks & Wildlife.
  • Be properly insured in compliance with the State’s requirements for motor vehicles.
  • Be driven responsibly and abide by posted speed limits and traffic signals/signs.
  • Meet State regulations for proper functioning breaks, muffler, and spark arrester.
  • Have an operating headlight and taillight that meets the State’s minimum candlepower if driving between sunset and sunrise.

OHV Drivers must …

  • Must have a current valid driver’s license and be at least 16 years of age unless closely supervised by an adult traveling on a separate OHV.
  • Wear a helmet if under the age of 18.
  • Wear eye protection.
  • Use proper hand signals for turning and stopping.

The complete Gypsum Off-Highway Vehicles Ordinance (Chapter10.02)

Thank you for your compliance so we may maintain this privilege in the Town of Gypsum.