Pet Owner Information

It is the intent of the town council in adopting animal control and licensing regulations to declare that owners of pet and working animals provide reasonable care for and assume full responsibility and strict liability for the actions of any pet or working animal.

Municipal Code: Title 6 - Animal Control 

6.12.010 - Failure to prevent animal from threatening livestock or wildlife.
It shall be unlawful to fail to control any pet animal or working dog so as to prevent such animal from running after, chasing, pursuing, biting, attacking, or in any other way threatening livestock or wildlife.

6.13.010 - Persistent barking unlawful.
It is unlawful for any owner to fail to prevent his pet animal or working dog from disturbing the peace of any other person by habitual or persistent barking, howling, yelping, or whining, or any other unprovoked noise, whether the animal is on or off the owner's property.

6.13.020 - Accumulation of feces unlawful.
It is unlawful for any owner to permit the accumulation of a pet animal's or working dog's feces on the property on which the animal is kept, such that it is detectable visually or odorously by neighbors.

6.13.030 - Failure to confine feces unlawful.
It is unlawful for any owner to fail to confine a pet animal's or working dog's feces, and any part thereof, within the perimeters of the property on which the animal is kept, regardless whether such failure to confine is the result of natural causes, such as surface water flow, or other causes.

Community Dog Park 
Dogs are not allowed in Town parks but you and your furry friends can visit the Dog Park at the Gypsum Animal Hospital.  680 Red Table Dr. 
Besides grass, the project also added some agility equipment, chairs and benches, landscaping, a pet watering station and of course, a poop station/waste receptacle.