Mosquito Management in Gypsum

Our mosquito management contractor, Vector Disease Control International (VDCI), will begin mosquito spraying in Gypsum on Wednesday, June 24, 2020, beginning around 7:30 PM. Although somewhat weather dependent, this schedule will continue each Wednesday through the summer.

Since the first week in May 2020, VDCI has been devoting staff time to larval mosquito surveillance and control. Over the years, they have identified larval habitats within The Town of Gypsum Service Area that are inspected throughout the season on a biweekly, weekly, or monthly basis. Larval mosquito control operations will continue through the summer as needed, dependent upon environmental conditions and the presence of larvae. Although these efforts are being made to mitigate mosquito activity, we are dealing with Mother Nature and there is no way to completely eliminate the presence of mosquitoes in our community. Therefore, Gypsum residents are still advised to use personal protection measures throughout mosquito seasons such as using mosquito repellent for yourself and your household. For more information on personal protection, please visit:

More about VDCI Mosquito Control

All ground-based adult mosquito control applications are performed by VDCI management staff and veteran seasonal employees with specialized training in ULV (ultra-low volume) adulticide spraying and will not be subcontracted. Currently, VDCI has over 20 fully trained personnel capable of performing ground-based ULV applications throughout the state. This level of staffing and expertise can handle any typical weekly application need, or any public health emergency situation, at a moment’s notice. VDCI has extensive experience with emergency and comprehensive adult mosquito control applications. Their clients include Larimer and Weld County Departments of Health and Environment, as well as the Cities of Fort Collins, Loveland, and Longmont. VDCI not only has the capacity, with respect to equipment and staffing, but possesses the expertise and experience needed when scheduling, planning, and supplying the required materials. VDCI has demonstrated the ability to coordinate emergency response applications in a moment’s notice to achieve the objectives of suppressing mosquito-borne health risks in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the CDC and Colorado Department of Agriculture.

VDCI uses the most advanced truck-mounted ULV application equipment available to provide great accountability in all phases of the application. Variable flow technology assures accurate insecticide application rates that will deliver the proper amount regardless of vehicle speed. With a large fleet of truck-mounted ground-based ULV adulticide equipment, VDCI has the capacity to cover more than 1,250 linear miles of streets and roadways in ONE NIGHT. That equates to over 70 square miles or 45,000 acres per night. VDCI has more than 20 spray units available throughout Colorado.

The primary objective is to achieve the greatest possible level of mosquito reduction while minimizing pesticide use in an environmentally accountable manner. This commitment can be evidenced by VDCI’s investment in application technologies such as variable flow pumps, monitoring systems, and droplet measuring equipment. Together, these instruments allow for the application of the proper amount of product in the proper treatment area and for the ability to monitor every aspect of the application event. Consequently, pesticide application is maximized in the target area while the exposure to adjacent, non-target areas is greatly minimized.