Build in Gypsum

Build Residential: 
You will need to obtain building permits when: 

  • Planning or building a new home
  • Adding any building to your existing home 
  • Home improvement projects such as finishing a basement or adding a deck or patio

For building information to get you started visit RESIDENTAL 

Build Commercial: 
It is the Town of Gypsum's goal to preserve and enhance our community's quality of life and the natural environment.

Building commercial or development in the Town of Gypsum shall be conducted with local, state, national and internal building codes.  For information visit COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT.


Lana Bryce, AICP, MPA,                          
Community Development Director

Roberta Swenson 
Planner I / Code Enforcement

Jim Hancock
Assistant Town Manager/Town Engineer

Jerry Law
Town Engineer

Shane Gremmer
Senior Plans Examiner/Building Inspector 

Phone: 970-524-1740

Jeff Mathews
Plans Examiner/Building Inspector 
Phone: 970-524-1727