Accessory Dwelling Unit - ADU

An ADU is an apartment integrated within a single-family dwelling unit, above a garage located on the single-family lot, or as a detached unit located behind the single-family structure. Accessory dwellings typically have separate bathrooms, eating facilities, living areas, and entrances from the single-family and may or may not have separate utilities and shall not exceed 50 percent of the floor area of the single-family dwelling unit. There shall not be more than one accessory dwelling located on a lot in addition to the single-family dwelling unit and the accessory dwelling shall not be subdivided or sold separately from the single-family dwelling unit. 

Effective January 1, 2018, existing ADUs that have not submitted ADU Permit Application will be in violation of Title 18 of the Town of Gypsum Municipal Code.  ADUs found to be leased without an ADU Permit may result in both owner and tenant fines and/or removal of legal ADU status for up to three years. It is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of our community by ensuring proper ADU guidelines and requirements that help protect our residents and homeowners.