Donation Request

The Gypsum Town Council budgets certain amounts each year to respond to donation requests from citizens and community groups. Please Note: As we are obligated to respect the separation of church and state, we are unable to grant donations to religious groups.

All groups seeking a donation must complete a Donation Request Form. Submit the completed form to Gypsum Town Hall, 50 Lundgren Boulevard. You may fax the form to: (970) 524-7522. Once you have submitted your form you will be contacted by Danette Schlegel, the Town Clerk, to schedule your appearance before Town Council.

Donation requests are considered with the following criteria in mind:

  • The requestor must be present at a scheduled town council meeting. 
  • The requestor must complete a Donation Request Form. 
  • The requestor has proven that he/she has pursued other fund-raising efforts to acquire the amount needed. 
  • The requestor must demonstrate the donation will better his/her life and/or future or their organization and has direct ties to Gypsum as a community. 
  • The requestor shows financial hardship and why a contribution is needed. 
  • The requestor agrees to follow up with a report to council on their pursuit after the donation is made. 

The Town Council will try to split the budget donation fund in half so to afford the opportunity for citizens to pursue equal budgeted amounts in the first six months of the year and the last six months of the year. This may change, however, at the Council’s discretion.

Please note: The Town of Gypsum budgets a line item for contributions on a yearly basis. Once this amount is met, the Town will not be able to allow any further requests for that fiscal year. The Town encourages any known donation and contribution requests to be submitted in August for the following budget year.